Lucas Chess Now Available On Linux, Here's How To Install It

Lucas Chess Now Available On Linux, Here Is How To Install It

One of the most amazing piece of free chess software now has an experimental binary version to Linux.

Lucas Chess is a free, long standing, chess training and playing program that is suitable for absolute beginners, grandmasters, and anyone in between the two extremes. The program has 61 engines prepared to play from the start, and with very different levels, from 0 to 3300 elo.

Lucas Chess is simple and easy to understand for beginners. It includes a bunch of training tools, and the UI isn’t too confusing, even if you’re unfamiliar with the more complicated functions of chess engines.

Lucas Monge, the main developer of the game announced that Lucas Chess now has an experimental version available for testing for Linux users.

So, we just downloaded it and can confirm that it works flawlessly on the latest Ubuntu 21.04 as well on Arch Linux.

It’s not in the official downloads section yet but Lucas posted a link to the Linux version on his blog.

How to play Lucas Chess on Linux

Click here to download the file (LucasChessR119_120.tar.xz / 249MB) from Google Drive.

Next, extract the downloaded archive to a directory of your choice:

tar xvf LucasChessR119_120.tar.xz

And finally run the executable:


For people using lower screen resolution (720p), if upon launch the initial program window appears to big for the screen and is not resizable, simply press F11 to go into fullscreen mode and if you press F11 again, the program window will now have been resized to fit your screen perfectly.


  1. Tried to run it on Raspberry Pi OS using Box86. Sadly, no soap. Got the following error:
    bash: ./LucasChessR/bin/LucasR: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
    Permissions are good. Can’t find an obvious fix. Oh well.

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