About Us

About Us

Linuxiac is an independent media platform that publishes the latest news from the Linux world and Open Source software. Here, you’ll primarily find articles about Linux in general. Founded by Bobby Borisov and launched in May 2020, it quickly became a trusted source for all things Linux.

In addition to news coverage, we provide how-to articles, reviews, and tips and tricks related to Linux and Open Source. Topics covered include Linux distributions, desktop customization, server functionalities, system administration, open-source tools, virtualization, and more.

Our Linux & Open Source News

Linuxiac’s primary focus is providing users with the latest news from the Linux and Open Source world. Our team adheres to internal quality standards for published information, which we never compromise.

Quality, credibility, showing deep expertise in the subject presented, and explaining in clear language have always been and will continue to be the Linuxiac team’s top priorities when providing Linux news. Because of this, every news story is revised multiple times before publication to ensure that we provide our users with the best-presented and most trustworthy information. And that we truly understand what it is all about.

Finally, we are proud of how we cover the latest Linux and Open Source news and our level of expertise, but most importantly, we are proud of you – our readers. You are our most valuable asset and the most significant performance indicator. So, thank you for your trust!

Our Linux Tutorials & Open Source Reviews

Aside from Linux news, Linuxiac offers ‘How to’ tutorials closely related to Linux and Open Source technologies on everything from simple desktop customization to virtualization and containerization technologies and installing and configuring complicated Linux services.

We might not openly claim to have top-notch tutorials and reviews out there (even if we’re tempted to think so), but we do put our heart into offering our readers nothing but the best. It’s something that fills us with genuine pride. If you’re ever in doubt, just peek at any of our guides. They speak volumes about our expertise and the quality we bring to the table, far more than any words we could say here.

Furthermore, each of them is accompanied by multiple images, aiming to provide users with the most clarity on the actions they need to take. We describe each step in detail and in as simple a language as possible. Most importantly, we are confident in claiming to be experts in every subject for which we have a published guide.

How do we do it? We typically go through multiple rounds of revisions for every article, trying to perfect the clarity. Moreover, before writing a tutorial, we thoroughly evaluated everything in our test lab as long as possible to guarantee you will achieve the results shown when you follow it.

Linuxiac Team

We’re a small group of Linux professionals and Open Source enthusiasts, not a large organization. Meet the team behind Linuxiac.com!

Bobby Borisov

Bobby Borisov

Bobby is the founder, owner, and the Editor-in-Chief of Linuxiac. The man who lives and breathes Linux. The eternal optimist who believes that the best is yet to come.

Before launching Linuxiac.com, Bobby spent more than two decades in the IT sector, lending his expertise to both cozy small businesses and vast international corporations.

A true Linux enthusiast at heart, Bobby not only adores technology but also possesses a natural talent for teaching. With a career deeply rooted in Open Source technology, he’s now devoted to demystifying Linux for everyone.

Curious about his personal tech choice? Bobby’s been a loyal user of Arch on his desktops for over a decade. Despite ongoing efforts to sway him, he remains devoted to his favorite distro.

You can reach him at [email protected]

Alex Penev

Alex Penev

Meet Alex Penev! Once a dedicated Linux Systems Administrator, Alex has since transitioned into DevOps Engineering. With over 15 years of experience, he’s passionate about everything technology, mainly Linux and Open Source, and loves sharing his insights through writing.

Alex also navigates the intriguing intersection of content creation and marketing strategy. He skillfully bridges the ever-creative Bobby and the expectations of our readers, ensuring that ideas flow seamlessly into valuable content.

Regarding Linux distributions, Fedora and Ubuntu are his go-to’s, though he’s always exploring others to provide well-rounded reviews for Linuxiac.

You can reach Alex at [email protected]

Brian Borisoff

Brian Borisoff

With over 25 years of hardware engineering experience under his belt, Brian is always on the lookout for the latest breakthrough. A true aficionado of old-school UNIX, he swears by FreeBSD for his machines. However, his insatiable curiosity often leads him to experiment with different Linux distributions, especially those tailored for servers.

Indeed, Brian is the backbone of our system administration, known for his midnight heroics at 2 am to resolve sync issues with our U.S.-based servers. Remarkably, he still finds time to craft and refine articles amidst all this. How he juggles it all remains a mystery, but we’re immensely grateful for his dedication, expertise, and the guidance and advice he gives us.

You can reach Brian at [email protected]

Our Values

Here, we champion the philosophy that knowledge is a treasure to be shared freely, catalyzing human progress. We stand firm in the belief that when knowledge is accessible to all, without barriers, technology and innovation flourish at an unprecedented pace.

At the heart of our mission lies a deep-seated passion for Linux – it’s not just what we do, it’s what we live for! We’re here to foster a space where learning and growth are intertwined, ensuring that the flame of curiosity never dims. So, whether you’re here to find solutions, share insights, or explore the vast landscape of Linux and Open Source technology, you’ve found your tribe.

P.S. Everyone is passionate about something. Our passion is called Linux. Welcome aboard, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together!