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About Us

About Linuxiac

Linuxiac is an independent media platform dedicated to publishing the latest news from the Linux world and Open Source software. Here you will find primarily articles about Linux in general. It is a relatively new, fast-growing website on the Linux subject. Founded by Bobby Borisov and launched in May 2020, Linuxiac quickly became a trusted source for Linux news.

In addition to news coverage, Linuxiac provides how-to articles, application reviews, and Linux tips & tricks. Covered topics include Linux distributions, desktop customization, system administration, open-source tools, virtualization, etc.

However, there is a story behind the founding of Linuxiac.com that goes beyond this information. And we’d want to tell you about it.

The Untold Story Behind the Linuxiac Project

Many years ago, during the days of Windows 3.11, a young boy fell in love with computers. A few years later, while everyone was enjoying the new Windows 95’s fancy windowed interface, the boy discovered that there were other operating systems. Then, someone tossed him the word he had heard somewhere that would change his life forever – Linux.

While everyone else was having fun clicking the mouse to close and open windows, the boy became increasingly fascinated by the power of words. Words written in a terminal on a black and white monochrome monitor that, as their name implies, commands, had the power to create and change things.

The youngster then went to university, studying and working with computers, never losing sight of what had wholly won him over – Linux, the philosophy and values this operating system professes.

The years passed, and fortune smiled on the young man – he was building his career as a Linux professional. Over time, he progressed to large enterprise companies, where he could experience and work with scales and technology he had only heard of.

He reads a lot of Linux news and tutorials. Still, he always thinks that he could present things better in a way that is both understandable for Linux newcomers and, at the same time, valuable for more experienced users. So, Linuxiac is the natural evolution and response to these views.

After more than 20 years in the Linux industry, Bobby Borisov decided to provide his take and vision on how Linux news, Open Source software reviews, and tutorials should be presented and looked like.

Linuxiac Over the Years

As previously stated, Linuxiac is a young project. It debuted on the Linux scene in May 2020, but we still have something to share.


We would not say, as is traditional, that the beginning was difficult. On the contrary, it was amazing, fun, and packed with tons of energy that has not left us to this day. It was thrilling to see that we had about 100 visits in the previous month. Finally, someone out there is reading and using the information and knowledge we offer. We’re not sure if those 100 visits in a month didn’t give us more pleasure and a sense of completeness than the thousands of daily visits we have today.


This was the year that things became serious. Seeing the fruits of our labor, we decided to invest our funds in building an IT infrastructure for Linuxiac that would take things to a more professional level. We built a high availability cluster in the United States and Europe to ensure that our users, wherever in the globe, have the fastest access and the website is always available. Furthermore, our user base grew, receiving several thousand visitors every month.


We can only say, writing at the end of 2022, that it exceeded our expectations. Linuxiac.com has become a well-known name for Linux news, reviews, and guides, giving us the moral comfort that we are on the right track. The website’s thousands of visitors per day strengthen this sense and motivate us to build on what we’ve accomplished. So, we can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us.

Our Linux & Open Source News

Linuxiac’s primary focus is providing users with the latest news from the Linux and Open Source world. Our team adheres to internal quality standards for published information, which we never compromise. But first, let’s clarify what we’re talking about.

Aside from being timely, the essential aspect of a news item for us is that it shows knowledge of the subject by familiarizing the user with the essence of the event it is covering. We wholeheartedly believe that before bombarding the user with dry facts, we must first explain what we are talking about. So, we placed ourselves in the shoes of the young person across the street, who might not understand what “systemd-measure is a new tool for calculating and signing expected TPM2 PCR values for a given unified kernel image” means.

In other words, quality, credibility, showing deep expertise in the subject presented, and explaining in clear language have always been and will continue to be the Linuxiac team’s top priorities when providing Linux news. Because of this, every news story is revised multiple times before publication to ensure that we provide our users with the best presented and trustworthy information. And that we truly understand what it is all about.

Finally, we are proud of how we cover the latest Linux and Open Source news and our level of expertise, but most importantly, we are proud of you – our readers. You are our most valuable asset and the most significant indicator of our performance. So, thank you for your trust!

Our Linux Tutorials & Open Source Reviews

Aside from Linux news, Linuxiac offers ‘How to’ tutorials closely related to Linux and Open Source technologies on everything from simple desktop customization to virtualization and containerization technologies and installing and configuring complicated Linux services.

We wouldn’t dare to say that we have the best tutorials and reviews you can find (though we secretly think we do), but we do attempt to give our readers the best. And it’s something we’re truly proud of. If you have any doubts, look at any of the guides published on Linuxiac. It says more about our expertise and quality than any claims here.

Furthermore, each of our tutorials is illustrated with multiple pictures to provide our users with the most clarity on the actions they need to take. We describe each step in detail and as simple a language as possible. Most importantly, we are confident in claiming to be experts in every subject for which we have a published guide.

We are committed to you, our readers, and will not let you down. We typically go through multiple rounds of many revisions for every article, trying to perfect the clarity. Moreover, before writing a tutorial, we test everything as long as possible. So, we only suggest something by having it tested by us and always investigating new ways to do things better. In other words, our test lab has thoroughly evaluated every tutorial published on the Linuxiac pages. Therefore, we guarantee you will achieve the results shown if you follow them.

Linuxiac Team

We’re getting to the faces of the people behind Linuxiac.com. But first, let us clarify something. We’re a small group of open-source enthusiasts, not a large organization. Contrary to popular belief, none of us would ever “stick” the “Linux guru” label on ourselves, and we really have a lot of fun when we come across such descriptions. No, we are just a few folks, friends in life and Linux professionals in our careers, who share the same love – Linux. So, meet the team behind Linuxiac.com.

Bobby Borisov

Bobby Borisov

Bobby is the founder, owner, and the Editor-in-Chief of Linuxiac. The man who lives and breathes Linux. The eternal optimist who believes that the best is yet to come.

Before starting Linuxiac.com, Bobby worked in IT for over 20 years. He has worked for both small businesses and large multi-national enterprises.

As a hardcore Linux fan, Bobby loves technology and has always had a flair for teaching. Having worked with Open Source technology all his career, Bobby now focuses on making Linux easier for others.

Over the last 10+ years, you will find nothing but Arch Linux on his desktop machines. Well, attempts to convince him to try something different continue.

You can reach Bobby at [email protected]

Alex Penev

Alex Penev

Alex is a former career Linux Systems Administrator turned DevOps Engineer with 15 years of experience and counting. He loves writing about technology, especially Linux and Open Source.

On top of that, Alex occupies the weird space between content creation and marketing strategy. He is always trying to position himself as an intermediary voice between Bobby, constantly spewing ideas and what needs to be delivered to our readers.

He primarily uses Fedora and Ubuntu but keeps trying other distributions for reviews published on Linuxiac.

You can reach Alex at [email protected]

Brian Borisoff

Brian Borisoff

Brian has more than 25 years of experience in hardware engineering and is always looking for the next scoop. As an old-school UNIX fan, his machines are powered by FreeBSD, but curiosity constantly drives him to test various Linux distributions, mainly server-oriented ones.

In fact, Brian is our real system administrator, who is awake at 2 am to fix the synchronization issue between our U.S.-based servers. Incomprehensibly for us, Brian nevertheless finds time to prepare and edit articles. But, unfortunately, we still need to figure out how he does it.

You can reach Brian at [email protected]

Our Values

Knowledge should be free – an asset for humanity that shouldn’t have a price. Any technology evolves more rapidly when more and more brains work on it. Linux is the best example, so we believe in the Open Source philosophy. In addition, we aim to serve the Linux Community in every possible way by sharing our knowledge and experience gained over the years.

P.S. Everyone is passionate about something. Our passion is called Linux!

Welcome to Linuxiac!