About us

About Us

Linuxiac is a website dedicated to publishing the latest news from Linux world and Open Source software. In addition to news coverage, Linuxiac also provides how-to articles, application reviews, and tips and tricks. Covered topics range from Linux distributions, desktop customization, system administration, open-source tools, virtualization, and many more.

Linuxiac is a relatively new, fast-growing website on the Linux subject. It quickly become a trusted source for Linux news, tutorials, tips & tricks, and more. Linuxiac was started in May 2020 and it’s founded by Bobby Borisov, a professional Linux system administrator and Linux lover passionate about Free and Open Source software.

Our editorial team is at home on Linux, because we live, breathe, and cover Linux.

Linuxiac caters to both novice and experienced users. Our audience is primarily targeted to free and Open Source technology users, Linux enthusiasts, IT professionals and amateurs. We aim to bring you Linux news, tutorials, and tips & tricks that you would value. Our news stories are either written by our own team or sourced from reputed news sources. If you want to see something on Linuxiac that is not there, let us know.

We are committed to you, our readers and we will not let you down. For every article we typically go through multiple rounds of many revisions, trying to perfect clarity and accuracy of writing. In addition to, before writing an article, we testing everything as long as that’s possible. So, we never suggest you something without having tested by us and always investigating new ways to do things better.

Our values

We believe knowledge should be free. An asset for humanity that shouldn’t have a price. We believe that any technology evolves more rapidly when more and more number of brains works on it. Linux is the best example, so we believe in open source philosophy.

P.S. Everyone is passionate about something. Our passion is called Linux!

Welcome to Linuxiac!