Virtuozzo’s VzLinux 8 Released, Positioned as a CentOS 8 Replacement

Virtuozzo’s VzLinux 8 Released, Positioned as a CentOS 8 Replacement

VzLinux 8 is a 1:1 completely binary compatible fork of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and can be used for transparent replacement solutions based on RHEL 8 and CentOS 8.

Virtuozzo is a leading world supplier of hybrid virtualization, storage and cloud enablement software program options. For years, VzLinux has been a base operating system for OpenVz. Additionally, it was used as a guest operating system for containers and virtual machines.

From now on, VzLinux became accessible to everyone and positioned as a replacement of CentOS 8. It is supplied without restrictions, free and from now on will develop as an open project developed with the participation of the community.

The enterprise Linux distribution market is shifting away from CentOS-dominated Linux servers given the distro’s slated sunset later this year. The resulting gap in the market requires a reliable solution with longevity, which is why we opted to make our VzLinux publicly available. We simply aim to give the industry a viable, free alternative with seamless transition capabilities.

Maik Broemme, Senior Product Manager, Virtuozzo

So, if you looking for a CentOS replacement, VzLinux 8 seems like a good alternative. In addition to, here is a list of 5 Linux distributions that you can consider as a possible replacement for your current CentOS server.

VzLinux 8

VzLinux 8 is available for download from the project’s website for the x86_64 architecture and are supplied in two versions – full (4.2G) and compact (1.5G). It is a free, multi-purpose Linux distribution optimized to run in containers, virtual machines or on bare-metal servers. VzLinux is designed to support I/O-intensive, enterprise-level applications and workloads.

The proposed VzLinux 8 installation image is designed to be installed on the Bare Metal (RTM), but in the future it is planned to publish two additional editions optimized for use in containers and in VMs.

VzLinux 8.3

Virtuozzo currently offers a ready-to-use utility to convert from CentOS 8 without downtime as well as templates for hyperscalers, enabling customers to deploy VzLinux 8 as a guest OS under various hypervisors. The conversion utility enables seamless conversions of CentOS 8 bare-metal servers, virtual machines and containers.

Last but not least, Virtuozzo sponsors or is a contributor to numerous open-source projects including KVM, Docker, OpenStack, OpenVZ, CRIU and the Linux kernel. 

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