SystemRescueCD 8.03 Released, Brings The Latest GParted 1.3.0

SystemRescueCD 8.03 Released, Brings The Latest GParted 1.3.0

SystemRescueCD is an Arch Linux-based system on a bootable CD-ROM or USB drive, designed for repairing a system and data after a crash.

The primary purpose of SystemRescue (also known as SystemRescueCd) is to repair unbootable or otherwise damaged computer systems after a system crash. It aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing the hard disk partitions.

The most recent version for this operating system SystemRescueCd 8.03 is out now.

What’s news in SystemRescueCD 8.03

SystemRescueCD 8.03 update brings two major features: the latest GParted 1.3 as well as added XFBurn app.

GParted is one of the most popular partition managers for Linux. It is a graphical tool that allows you to create, delete, resize, move, check, and copy disk partitions and their file system.

Xfburn is a CD/DVD/BlueRay disc authoring program written with the Xfce desktop environment in mind. It can be used in any desktop environment.

SystemRescueCD is powered by lightweight desktop environment Xfce. To start it from the console, type the startx command. The graphical environment allows you to work with GParted, to use graphical editors, to browse the web and use terminals such as xfce-terminal.

SystemRescueCD Xfce

Other improvements

  • Updated kernel to the Long-Term-Supported linux-5.10.34
  • Fixed boot from NTFS file systems
  • Added gsmartcontrol (hard disk drive and SSD health inspection tool)
  • Fixed package repositories configuration on i686
  • Fixed services order to make option “nofirewall” reliable
  • Dropped joe (package removed upstream)

Download SystemRescueCD 8.03

You can download the ISO file for your architecture from the project’s site. It is possible to use SystemRescue without having a CD/DVD drive as it can be installed on USB sticks, or on a local disk.

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