Purism now shipping its Librem Mini with Active Cooling

Purism, the company behind PureOS, has just announced that its Librem Mini was ready to ship with active cooling enabled for everyone.

Purism Librem Mini

Purism, the company behind PureOS has just announced that its Librem Mini will now ship with active cooling enabled by default.

There’s nothing like making a public announcement to ensure that a situation will change. That’s certainly been true in the case of their mini PC. Just over a week ago, Purism announced the Librem Mini was ready to ship. Highlighted one issue which they intended to solve with a future software update:

If you ordered a Librem Mini, you will receive an email confirming your order status and shipping information. As with any newly brought to market product, the Librem Mini running PureOS will have software updates to apply as we continue to refine the firmware. One forthcoming software update that we want to bring to your attention concerns the fan speed control, as currently the CPU is passively cooled and may throttle down under heavy load. Full active cooling will be coming in a firmware update so we highly recommend following our published announcements. If you are uncomfortable with applying a firmware update using our coreboot firmware update tool, you also have the option for Purism to hold the order until we release that software update. If you desire that, let us know when we contact you to confirm shipping information, otherwise you will be enjoying your Librem Mini soon!

Active cooling now available for everyone

Yesterday, Purism announced that the firmware update is now available. This means that absolutely all Librem Mini Linux PCs would ship with this new version installed. So active cooling is therefore enabled for everyone.

We resolved the fan speed control issue! As we ship out all of the Librem Mini orders, they will ALL have fully-updated firmware and active cooling.

The price starts at €699 and up.

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