PineTime Smartwatch

PineTime is an Inexpensive Open Source Smartwatch

The PineTime is a free and open source smartwatch capable of running custom-built open operating systems. It’s available from the Pine64 Store for $27.

Pine64’s PineTime is an interesting smartwatch with equally interesting software surrounded it. It would be a good companion for not only your PinePhone but also for your favorite devices – any phone, tablet, or even PC.

Above all, PineTime is a very inexpensive smartwatch especially compared to the competition. If you were on a budget but still want something cool, this can do the job.

The PineTime has a 1.3-inch capacitive IPS display, a 180 mAh battery and an ARM Cortex-M4F processor that runs at up to 64 MHz. Some of the notable features include a heart rate monitor, a week-long battery as well a display that is legible in direct sunlight.

The smartwatch has a sealed case that’s not designed to be opened up and offers IP67 water and dust resistance. PineTime comes with Bluetooth 5, a vibration motor, accelerometer, and even a heart rate sensor.

PineTime Smartwatch

Pine64’s PineTime ship with InfiniTime 1.2 open source firmware pre-installed. The interface is smooth and responsive. InfiTime 1.2 offers many features that you would find in a modern smartwatch, including heart rate monitoring, a pedometer and the ability to view notifications from your smartphone.

If you prefer to try a different smartwatch operating system, the watch also supports alternate firmware such as Wasp OS.

PineTime Smartwach Full Specifications

  • Square 1.3-inch 240×240 IPS capacitive touch display
  • Software: Any open-source operating systems built on top of numerous RTOSes
  • SoC: Low-power Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832
    • 64 MHz + Floating Point
  • 4 MB of User Storage
    • 0.5 MB of OS Storage
  • Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy
    • Compatible with almost any device
    • Over-the-air update
  • Health Tracking
    • Step Counting (with Accelerometer)
    • Heart Rate Detection
  • Notification access
    • Wrist vibration
    • Quick glance via lift-to-wake.
  • All-week 180 mAh battery
    • 2-pin USB charging dock
  • Solid build
    • Dimensions: 37.5mm x 40mm x 11mm
    • Weight: 38 grams
    • Made with Zinc Alloy and Plastic
    • Dustproof and water-resistant up to 1m (Rated at IP67)

PINE64 ships globally and includes a charger with every order. It’s available from the Pine64 Store for only $27.

Bobby Borisov
Bobby Borisov

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  1. I have not a techie at all. I bought this watch. It is on factory set up. I have no clue on how to sync it with Galaxy Note9 in order to have the time on my timezone readings. I have no clue what Gadgetbrige app is supported. Could you please help!

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