Linux Mint 22 “Wilma” Beta: First Impressions

Linux Mint 22 Beta: Powered by Ubuntu 24.04 LTS under the hood, it's still the best and most straightforward Linux desktop.

Linux Mint has just released the beta version of its highly anticipated upcoming 22 release, “Wilma.” It is an LTS version, promising updates and support until 2029.

Powered by Ubuntu 24.04 LTS and Linux kernel 6.8, Mint 22 is packed with updates to enhance the desktop user experience, elevating it to new heights. So, let’s briefly overview what to expect from the final release.

Linux Mint 22 Beta: Key Enhancements and Features

Linux Mint 22 ‘Wilma’ Beta

Improved Localization and Disk Space Management

Linux Mint 22 has made significant strides in optimizing localization. Only the necessary language packs are retained during installation, notably reducing the required disk space. Supported languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, and others, are readily available without an internet connection during installation.

Updated Software and System Components

With the new Ubuntu 24.04 package base, Mint 22 ‘Wilma’ introduces updated system components, including Linux kernel 6.8, for better hardware compatibility. The default sound server has transitioned to PipeWire, enhancing audio management, and the system now supports the modern Debian DEB822 format.

Enhanced Graphical and Desktop Experience

Themes have been updated to support GTK4, and significant improvements have been made to the HiDPI support across the system. These updates ensure a visually pleasing and crisp user interface, even on high-resolution displays.

Focus on Security with Flatpak Integrations

Addressing security concerns, Linux Mint 22 has taken a cautious approach towards Flatpaks. Unverified Flatpaks are disabled by default, with clear warnings about the security risks they may pose. Verified Flatpaks now display maintainer names, increasing transparency and trust.

Software Management Made Simpler and Faster

Software Manager
Software Manager

The mintinstall Software Manager has received a facelift. It now loads faster and sports a cleaner, more intuitive interface. It also features improved multi-threading capabilities, a new preferences page, and secure Flatpak settings.

Transition to Matrix for Community Interaction

Following the discontinuation of Hexchat, Linux Mint has adopted the Matrix network for its community interactions. This modern platform supports persistent discussions and multimedia file sharing, similar to popular services like Slack or Discord.

Updated Cinnamon and Other Desktop Environments

Nemo Actions Layout Editor

Cinnamon 6.2, Linux Mint’s flagship desktop environment, boasts numerous tweaks and bug fixes. Enhancements like a new layout editor for Nemo actions and better support for multiple workspaces enhance productivity and user interaction.

Other Notable Improvements

The update includes numerous other enhancements like a smarter menubar in Firefox Web applications, a new thumbnailer for GIMP files, and better configuration options in various default applications like the Xed text editor and the Sticky notes app.

Moreover, the release also features a stunning collection of new backgrounds from various international artists, adding to the desktop environment’s aesthetic appeal.

Bottom Line

Mint 22 “Wilma” looks set to be another highly polished release, further establishing its status as possibly the top Linux desktop distro currently available. Ubuntu once held this position for many years. However, it has fallen behind, largely due to a long string of unpopular decisions, an autocratic approach to its user base, and a shift in focus towards business users.

Anyway, the new desktop king has for years been crowned by the most noble criterion: end users. Linux Mint plans to maintain the same package base until 2026, ensuring users can easily upgrade to future versions without major disruptions.

For those interested in trying out the Mint 22 “Wilma” beta release, it’s available for download with a clear reminder: it is intended for testing and feedback. The post-beta phase will detail full upgrade instructions and the transition to the stable release.

Check this link for more detailed information about all novelties in the upcoming “Wilma” release.

Bobby Borisov

Bobby Borisov

Bobby, an editor-in-chief at Linuxiac, is a Linux professional with over 20 years of experience. With a strong focus on Linux and open-source software, he has worked as a Senior Linux System Administrator, Software Developer, and DevOps Engineer for small and large multinational companies.

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