How to Install Zoom on Ubuntu (the Easiest Way)

Can you use Zoom on Ubuntu? Definitely yes! Here's how to do it.

How to Install Zoom on Ubuntu

Zoom works perfectly on Linux and supports variants of Linux distros. Here I will show you the simplest way to install Zoom client on Ubuntu.

Zoom is a popular video conferencing software available for multiple operating systems including Linux. It has become a go-to software for hosting webinars, creating conference rooms, and organizing online meetings.

Installing Zoom on Linux is as easy as installing it on Windows. Here’s a step-by-step guide how to do it easily and quickly.

Install Zoom on Ubuntu

Using the method described below, you can install the latest up-to-date version of the Zoom application on your Ubuntu system in just a few minutes.

1. Download the Zoom App

Because Zoom is not an open-source application, it is not included in the Ubuntu repositories, therefore we need to download the installation .deb file first.

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Launch your browser and head over to the official Zoom download page:

  1. For Linux Type, select Ubuntu.
  2. You are most likely running a 64 bit system. So under the OS Architecture, select 64 bit.
  3. For version, choose 16.04+.
  4. Hit the Download button to start downloading the Zoom installation file.
Download the Zoom Ubuntu Installation Package

Once you have downloaded the file, the next step is the installation process.

2. Install Zoom on Ubuntu

We already have the file, now. Navigate to your downloads directory, find the Zoom package, and just double-click on it.

Zoom Installation .deb File

The file should be opened in the Software app and you can install it from there. Click the Install button to begin installation.

Ubuntu Software App

Enter your user password when prompted and hit Authenticate.

Authenticate user to Install Zoom

The progress bar lets you know when Zoom has finished installing on your Ubuntu system.

Installing Zoom on Ububtu

3. Launch Zoom Linux Client

That’s all! Once installed, Zoom can be launched from the Activities menu. Go to application launcher and search for ‘zoom’. When its icon appears, click to run the same.

Ubuntu Application Launcher

Zoom will start. From here on, you can create a new account or log in to an existing one. Zoom is set to go.

Zoom Running on Ubuntu

Now you can start attending your Zoom meetings.

Bottom Line

This is the simplest and most recommended method for most users for installing Zoom on Ubuntu. I believe this guide gave you clear guidelines on installing and getting started with Zoom on your Ubuntu system.

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