How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

Google Chrome is not preinstalled on Ubuntu by default. So let's fill this gap!

How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

In this tutorial, we will cover how to install the Google Chrome web browser on Ubuntu in a few easy to follow steps.

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular web browser in the world. According to Global Stats StatCounter, as of October 2021 Chrome holds a whopping 67% of the desktop browser market share worldwide.

Chrome is fast, intuitive, and secure browser built for the modern web. But because it’s not an open source browser, it’s pretty much never included by default on any Linux distro, and usually not available for installation from official repositories. You can install Chrome on Ubuntu, however.

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Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu

As stated earlier, Ubuntu don’t typically include Google Chrome in a default repo, so it must first be downloaded from Google’s website.

1. Download the Official Chrome Linux Installer

Visit the download page for Google Chrome by clicking here or copy and paste the following address in the browser you are currently using:

Hit the Download Chrome button.

Download the Official Chrome Linux Installer

Next, select the 64-bit .deb (For Debian/Ubuntu) download package option and confirm by clicking on the Accept and Install button.

Choose package version

Choose Save File option and hit OK.

Save the Chrome installation package locally

Navigate to your downloads directory, find the Google Chrome package, and just double click on it.

Google Chrome Ubuntu's installation package (.deb)

2. Install Google Chrome via the Ubuntu Software App

The file should be opened in the Software app and you can install it from there. Click the Install button to begin installation.

Start Google Chrome installation on Ubuntu

Enter your user password when prompted and hit Authenticate.

Enter authentication details

The progress bar lets you know when Google Chrome browser has finished installing on your Ubuntu system.

Wait for Chrome installation to finish

3. Launch Chrome Browser

Once installed, you can launch it from the application menu and enjoy it. Type “chrome” and click on the icon when it appears.

Launch Chrome browser

The first time you start Google Chrome, you’ll have the chance to make Google Chrome your default browser. You can also choose to “Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google”. Its up to you whether you want to enable this or no.

Make your choices, and then click the OK button.

Make Chrome default browser

Google Chrome will start. Enjoy it!

Google Chrome successfully installed on Ubuntu

Congratulations, you have installed Google Chrome on your Ubuntu system. To add it to your dock, right-click the Chrome icon in the dock and select the Add to Favorites option from the context menu.


In this guide, we saw how to install one of the world’s most common web browsers, Google Chrome, on Ubuntu. It is just as fast and efficient on Linux as Windows and macOS base.

It’s important to note that the installation process will add a PPA to your system so Google Chrome will receive the latest updates automatically whenever you update your system via the Software app.

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