Flathub Beta Offer a Sleek New Design and Exciting Features

Flathub Beta is the software update that Linux users have been waiting for, from a sleek, brand-new design to exciting new features.

Flathub has gained popularity among Linux users as a one-stop shop for discovering, installing, and updating Flatpak applications. It is a containerized software distribution model that provides an easy and secure way to install desktop applications on Linux systems.

The store offers 2,000 apps from over 1,500 collaborators, averaging 700,000 app downloads daily from different categories, including productivity, gaming, education, and multimedia.

The graph below, publicly available on Flathub beta, clearly shows the project’s growing importance for the Linux community. The use of Flathub’s software has seen a dramatic jump in the last six months, proving the Flatpak format’s popularity among Linux users.

Flathub usage stats.
Flathub usage stats.

Largely related to the growing importance of the project, a little earlier this year, Flathub announced significant changes to its future vision for the platform, including adding direct uploads, verified apps, establishing governance to oversee the project, and more.

Flathub Beta: Fresh Design & New Functionalities

Flathub’s launch of a new web experience and changing the project’s logo were among the first steps in achieving these goals. This can be seen in the Flathub beta (https://beta.flathub.org), which shines with its new design and features.

Flathub beta.
Flathub beta.

Flathub’s new design offers a clean and modern interface with easy-to-use navigation. The homepage displays featured applications, top-rated apps, and recently updated ones. In addition, users can browse applications by categories or search for specific applications using keywords.

Browse by categories.
Browse by categories.

The big news here, though, entirely with user security in mind, is the new option for verified apps. So, for example, if you’re a popular social media platform Twitter user, you’ll probably immediately spot the similarity between the blue badge in the two places.

Of course, the two have nothing in common in practice. Still, from a purely conceptual standpoint, they may be considered to share the same ideology – in Flathub’s case, verifying the legitimacy of the application. This virtually guarantees the end-users’ security when using it.

Flathub verified apps.
Flathub verified apps.

Furthermore, in the Flathub beta, you can find a lot of useful additional information on the page of each app, such as the size of the app, how much space the installation will take on your disk, how many times it has been downloaded as well as a graphic presentation about it, and much more.

Detailed app statistic.
Detailed app statistic.

Flathub’s long-term development goals also involve enabling developers to provide paid subscriptions. While this possibility may be met with mixed feelings by open source proponents, it will undoubtedly increase the number of apps available for download on Flathub and provide a mechanism for developers to monetize their efforts in developing Flatpak apps.

In conclusion, Flathub aims to become the go-to platform for discovering and installing Flatpak applications on Linux systems. The new beta version brings it one step closer to that goal.

The new design and features offer a more intuitive and engaging experience for Linux users and new functionality, making all interactions with the platform easier and more secure.

At this time, no information or commitment to a specific timeframe has been provided by Flathub regarding when the beta version will replace the current one. Still, it is expected to happen later this year.

Bobby Borisov

Bobby Borisov

Bobby, an editor-in-chief at Linuxiac, is a Linux professional with over 20 years of experience. With a strong focus on Linux and open-source software, he has worked as a Senior Linux System Administrator, Software Developer, and DevOps Engineer for small and large multinational companies.

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