Debian Comes to Your Mobile Phone via Mobian OS

Debian Comes to Your Mobile Phone via Mobian OS

Mobian is Linux distribution which as its name implies is based on Debian and targets mobile devices. It is an open-source project with a mission to bring the Debian GNU/Linux distributions to mobile devices such as tabs and phones.

Mobian project promised to run initially in PinePhone and later other mobile devices in the future. The project relies on Purism Phosh Phone Shell used in Librem 5, but the first Mobian image has been released for PinePhone with plans for PineTab and Librem 5 support coming later.

Which applications you can use with Mobian

Since Mobian is based on Debian, it uses .deb packaging format to distribute all software. However, Mobian supports a nice list of apps:

  • Chromium
  • Firefox ESR
  • Calls
  • Files
  • Telegram
  • Messaging app
  • MPV media player
  • GNOME Contacts Address Book / Control Center / Image Viewer
  • Geary Mail Client

In addition, 3D graphics works, you can make phone calls, browse the web, and use GPS/GNSS applications, but it’s still work in progress as for example, USB and the camera does not work. The phone may take a while to wake-up when receiving a phone call. WiFi may be unreliable in some conditions, and so on.

In conclusion, PinePhone is the only device supported by Mobian. The project team is hopeful to support many more future devices.

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