Restrict Alt+Tab To The Current Monitor In Gnome 3

Restrict Alt+Tab to the Current Monitor in GNOME Shell

How can you tweak Alt+Tab in GNOME Shell so it will iterate windows only in the current monitor?

By default GNOME Shell Alt+Tab switches windows on all monitors. If you usually use this keyboard combination to cycle between windows that are covered by others, probably it’s quite confusing when Alt+Tab shows windows from the other monitor on the one you’re looking at get cycled.

If you faced the same issue when bought second monitor, the answer is quite simple. To make the Alt+Tab switcher show on the current monitor where the cursor is located and list only windows located on that monitor, just use the following GNOME Shell extension: Current screen only on window switcher.

GNOME Shell Alt+Tab to current monitor

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It says: “Limits the windows shown on the switcher to those of the current monitor”. So how much simpler can it be than that?

All you have to do is just to install the extension by turning switch to ON and you’re done. Now Alt+Tab will show windows with open applications only on the currently active monitor.

GNOME Shell Alt+Tab Multi Monitor

If you want to switch windows on the active workspace only you can find out how to do it in this guide.

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