Neptune Linux Released 6.5

Neptune Linux, A Distro Based on Debian Stable Branch, Released v6.5

Neptune Linux, a desktop-oriented Linux distribution based on Debian’s Stable branch announced update to its current version, Neptune 6. The new 6.5 release offers security updates, a newer kernel, and updated systemd package.

Above all it is the first maintenance release of Neptune 6 which is also available as update for all Neptune 6 users. This version features more modern hardware support by providing Linux kernel 5.6 together with updates to proprietary firmware blobs as well as updated systemd 245.6.

What’s new in Neptune Linux 6.5

  • Neptune is now bootable on UEFI secureboot machines
  • Now you can enjoy newer software updates for LibreOffice 6.4.5 and Inkscape 1.0
  • Chromium version 83 and Thunderbird 68.10
  • Updated VLC to version 3.0.11, ffmpeg to version 4.1.4 and pulseaudio to version 13

This version comes with some tweaks to KWin the window manager of Plasma which removes the limit of 60 frames per second. Of course this should provide a smoother experience.

About Neptune Linux

Firstly, Neptune is a GNU/Linux distribution for desktops. It is based on Debian’s Stable branch, except for a newer kernel, some drivers and newer versions of popular applications, such as LibreOffice. It also ships with the latest version of the KDE desktop.

Neptunes focuses on providing an elegant out of the box experience for the users. Pre-configured multimedia playback and easy-to-use USB installer with a persistence option is also provided.

Neptune Linux 6.5
Team Linuxiac
Team Linuxiac

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