Firefox Suggest is a New Search Feature of Mozilla’s Web Browser

Mozilla announced that it’s adding recommendations to the URL bar in Firefox through a new feature called Firefox Suggest.

Firefox Suggest is a new custom search and sponsored suggestions feature of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. The last month Mozilla is quietly testing Firefox Suggest on a limited number of users in the US. Now Mozilla is rolling out a Firefox Suggest feature to all.

Earlier this year, we started to share with you our new vision for what Firefox can be, and the new design that we shared was just the beginning. We want to help Firefox users get the best out of the web, faster and easier. We’re starting to experiment with suggestions that help people find items from their history, places they frequently visit, and web content most relevant to their queries. experimenting isn’t new for Mozilla, and this is the next step on our product journey. And as always, transparency and accountability for our work is at the center. This is the start of a journey for us here at Firefox, and we look forward to learning and sharing as we go.

Selena Deckelmann, Mozilla’s senior vice president for Firefox

Firefox Suggest displays suggestions when users type in the Firefox address bar. The feature may look like search suggestions on first glance, a feature that Firefox supported for a long while. However suggestions from Firefox Suggest are not offered by the search engine that is used, but by Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Mozilla's Firefox Suggest

It also looks like Mozilla will use Firefox Suggest to serve ads, though users will have some degree of control over the recommendations they see. Probably Firefox Suggest is a new way for Mozilla to make money, one that doesn’t involve getting paid to make Google its default search engine. For example, the listings from eBay are sponsored, and users can expect more sponsored address bar listings in the future.

For few years, the company has started looking for ways to make money with its products. Now, the company is exploring sponsored search suggestions in the address bar to further increase its revenue.

For detailed information you can refer to the official announcement.

What Data is Shared

Firefox Suggest uses a service provided by Mozilla to offer relevant suggestions to the text you are typing. When contextual suggestions are enabled, Mozilla receives your search queries. When you see or click on a Firefox Suggest result, Mozilla collects and sends your search queries and the result you click on to Mozilla’s partners through a Mozilla-owned proxy service.

It’s important to note that the data that Mozilla share with its partners does not include personally identifying information and is only shared when you see or click on a suggestion.

How to Disable Firefox Suggest in Firefox

Since the list of Firefox suggestions is based on sites that you previously visited, it can reveal your browsing habits to everyone that uses the computer. So, just in case you find that list a bit annoying, you may disable it while going by some easy and simple steps.

1. Click on the Menu icon on the upper-right corner of the screen and select Settings.

How to Disable Firefox Suggest

2. Switch to the Search tab available on the left and then on the right side, locate the Search suggestion section.

3. You need to uncheck the Show search suggestion in the address bar results option.

How to Disable Firefox Suggest
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Bobby Borisov

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