Firefox 91 is Here and Pushes Privacy with Enhanced Cookie Clearing

Firefox 91

Firefox 91 is the seventh major browser update in 2021. Let’s cover some of the notable changes in this new browser update.

Firefox is one of the few remaining browsers with its own rendering engine. Firefox 90 arrived last month with new rendering features and new update system, and now Firefox 91 is starting to roll out.

Firefox 91

Firefox’s Total Cookie Protection Improved

With the release of Firefox 91, Mozilla has introduced a bigger hammer for smashing the cookies that websites, advertisers and tracking companies can use to record your online behavior. The new feature, called enhanced cookie clearing, is designed to block tracking not just from a website, but also from third parties whose code appears on the site.

Firefox’s Total Cookie Protection is a sophisticated set of privacy improvements that enforce a simple principle: your browser should not allow the sharing of cookies between websites.

Firefox 91 Total Cookie Protection

If you click on Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Cookies and Site Data -> Manage Data, Firefox 91 no longer shows individual domains that store data. Instead, Firefox lists a cookie jar for each website you have visited.

Manage Cookies and Site Data

That means you can easily recognize and remove all data a website has stored on your computer, without having to worry about leftover data from third parties embedded in that website.

Single Sign-On (SSO) for Windows Users

Those who use the browser on Windows can now login to Microsoft accounts using Windows Single Sign-On credentials added in the underlying OS. This basically makes it easier to access all your Microsoft, school, and work accounts.

To get to that feature you just need to head to Settings -> Privacy & Security and to scroll down to “Allow Windows single sign-on for Microsoft, work, and school accounts“. This option is actually off and disabled by default.

Other notable features in Firefox 91

In private browsing or incognito mode Firefox 91 now attempts to make all connection to websites secure and fallback to insecure connections only when websites do not support https.

Firefox 91 simplify printing with useful print option that enables you to print a clutter-free page that strips away ads, buttons, background images, etc. This can save you on paper and printer ink.

Over and above those major changes, according to the release notes there are also 1200 bug fixes in Firefox 91.

For more information about all changes in Firefox 91, you can refer to the official announcement.

Download Firefox 91

If you want to download and install Firefox 91 it is available for Linux, Windows, MacOS, and Android from the official Firefox website. Linux users probably will get an update for their Linux distros in the coming days.

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