Debian updated its homepage and prepared for a much better web site

Debian Updated Its Homepage And Prepared For A Much Better Web Site

Now the Debian website displays a new homepage. Since the most recent web team sprint in March 2019, they have been working on renewing the structure, content, layout and scripts that build the site.

There has been work mainly in two areas:

  • Removing or updating obsolete content
  • Creating a new homepage which is more attractive to newcomers and which also highlights the social aspect of the Debian project in addition to the operating system we develop

Although this took longer than they would have liked they don’t consider this new homepage final. They think it’s a good first step towards a much better web site.

The Debian web team will continue to work on restructuring the Debian website. They would like to appeal to the community for help, and are also considering external assistance. Since they are a small group, whose members are also involved in other Debian teams. Some of the next steps they expect to walk are improve the CSS, icons, and layout in general, and review of the content, to have a better structure.

Team Linuxiac
Team Linuxiac

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