Calculate Linux 20.6 Released

Alexander Tratsevskiy announced today the release of Calculate Linux 20.6, which comes with dozens of performance optimizations, modern GNU/Linux technologies and updated packages.

Alexander Tratsevskiy, lead developer of Calculate Linux, has announced the release of a new Calculate Linux 20.6. The latest v20.6 majorly contains several system optimization updates, bug fixes, and new software changes.

This new version provides numerous optimizations, namely shorter boot-up time, reduced memory requirements, and added pre-configured Web browser extensions for Nextcloud support.

All Calculate flavors are available for download: Calculate Linux Desktop featuring several desktop environments, to choose between KDE (CLD), Cinnamon (CLDC), LXQt (CLDL), Mate (CLDM) and Xfce (CLDX or CLDXS); Calculate Directory Server (CDS), Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS) and Calculate Scratch Server (CSS).

Main changes:

  • By default, Zram is used instead of the physical Swap partition;
  • Zstd compression for the kernel, the modules, and initramfs;
  • Kernel modules installed as packages come as Zstd archives too;
  • PulseAudio is used by default, but you can choose ALSA if you like;
  • Chromium comes with the pre-configured uBlock Origin plug-in;
  • The Passman and FreedomMarks can be also added to your Web browser at the moment of creating your user account, so that you could use Nextcloud (please check 7);
  • Deluge was replaced with qBittorrent;
  • When you close your laptop cover, the default action is suspend;
  • Better Wi-Fi support;
  • Better handling of orphan dependencies removal;
  • For multiboot Live USBs, the preferred image will be always the one at the end of the list;
  • Different versions are available for six binary kernels, including those with the futex-wait-multiple patch for smoother running of Steam;
  • Сcache was pre-configured to be used by emerge as well as by cl-kernel.

As Calculate Linux is a rolling-release distribution, you can directly update your system to reach to new version 20.6 or you can grab your Calculate Linux Live USB from:

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