Valkey: A New Redis Alternative Championed by Tech Giants

Google, Oracle, AWS, Ericsson, and Snap Inc. join forces with Valkey, offering a BSD-licensed Redis alternative for developers worldwide.

The decision by Redis, probably the most widely used in-memory NoSQL key/value data store currently, to change its licensing policy, which effectively took it out of the open-source ecosystem, set off an unexpected series of events.

First, Microsoft made a surprising announcement about their new open-source project named Garnet – a Redis alternative, but according to their benchmarks with better performance.

Then, Drew Devault, the founder and CEO of SourceHut, created a new Redis fork under the name Redict, and we’re looking forward to its first stable release soon. But the news from yesterday is even more impressive.

Valkey: A Community-Driven Open Source Alternative to Redis

In an exciting move, the Linux Foundation announced the creation of Valkey, a formidable open-source alternative to the widely used Redis in-memory NoSQL data store.

This announcement is a direct response to Redis Inc.’s recent licensing changes, which caused a stir within the open-source community.

Valkey aims to continue developing Redis version 7.2.4 and ensure its availability under the open-source Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) 3-clause license, much to the relief of developers and industry stakeholders.

Butt what’s more exciting is that Valkey’s inception has garnered support from an impressive roster of industry tech giants such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Oracle, Ericsson, and Snap Inc., all committing to contribute towards the project’s sustainability and success.

Madelyn Olson, a former Redis maintainer and a principal engineer at AWS, expressed her deep commitment to open source and excitement about Valkey’s potential to continue the work that has made Redis such an indispensable tool for developers worldwide.

“I worked on open source Redis for six years, including four years as one of the core team members that drove Redis open source until 7.2. I care deeply about open source software, and want to keep contributing. By forming Valkey, contributors can pick up where we left off and continue to contribute to a vibrant open source community.”

Madelyn Olson, Principal Engineer at AWS

Under the Linux Foundation’s stewardship, Valkey is set to embody the principles of open governance and community-driven development. A technical leadership committee comprising former Redis contributors is already in place.

For more information, visit the official announcement from The Linux Foundation or the project’s GitHub repository.

Bottom Line

The reaction to Redis’s change in licensing policy has been remarkable. It shows how committed many people supporting open source are to keeping its core values and principles alive.

In an unprecedented move, the biggest tech giants have come together to promise developers a free alternative to Redis. And given the names involved in the new Valkey project, hardly anyone doubts the venture’s ultimate success.

It might seem odd to hear so much fuss about Redis, but this NoSQL key/value data store plays a big part in the background of many IT services you use nowadays. Even this article you’re reading benefits from Redis, as it helps speed up our website.

So, we’re looking forward to the first stable version of Valkey, which is currently under heavy development. As usual, we’ll be among the first to inform you when it’s available.

Bobby Borisov

Bobby Borisov

Bobby, an editor-in-chief at Linuxiac, is a Linux professional with over 20 years of experience. With a strong focus on Linux and open-source software, he has worked as a Senior Linux System Administrator, Software Developer, and DevOps Engineer for small and large multinational companies.

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