Linux Lite 5.6 Introduces ‘Pay what You Want’ Digital Download Model

Linux Lite 5.6, based on the recently released Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS is now available for download. Here's what's new.

Linux Lite 5.6

Linux Lite 5.6, based on the recently released Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS is now available for download. Here’s what’s new.

Linux Lite is based on Ubuntu and comes with a super lightweight Xfce desktop environment. It is specifically developed to ease Windows users and more precisely those with old machines into the world of Linux.

As the name symbolizes, this is a very lightweight Linux distribution which is easy to run on ancient hardware as well. It requires both a 1.5GHz processor and at least 1GB of RAM to run smoothly.

Today, Linux Lite 5.6 finally becomes available, and it is based on Ubuntu 20.04.3. Because this is a maintenance release, the updates are somewhat minimal.

Linux Lite 5.6

Linux Lite 5.6 Highlights

In the welcome window, you now get the option to install Linux Lite directly.

Welcome Screen

The distro brings the latest LTS Kernel 5.4 .0-81 updates with bug fixes and improvements. Custom kernels also available via Linux Lite repos for versions 3.13 – 5.14.

It is important to note that the default Python version is now set to Python3. Stock applications are also updated to their latest stable versions:

  • Firefox: 91.0.1
  • Thunderbird: 78.11.0
  • LibreOffice:
  • VLC:
  • Gimp: 2.10.18
  • Base: 20.04.3

The Lite Tweaks app now has complete Brave Browser Support for cleaning the cache and setting as the default web browser. Linux Lite 5.6 also adds the ability to edit the Grub Menu to display the correct naming entry – Linux Lite.

Lite Tweaks

The other most notable changes are updated Papirus icon theme and adding 7 new wallpapers.

For detailed information about all changes in Linux Lite 5.6, you can refer to the official announcement.


The team recently introduced a ‘Pay What You Can’ digital download model. It is totally optional, though. You can select the amount as ‘0’ and get the download link.

Linux Lite 5.6 Download

This is a road I’d never thought I’d go down, but we have no choice. Either we stagnate and accept the big G’s ever changing algorithms, or we boldly go where others have dared. I’m talking about the ‘Pay What You Can’ digital download model that has worked, and is working on other projects.

Of course, we encourage you to make a small donation to this amazing Linux distrio, if it’s within your means.

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