Laptop Mode Tools 1.74 - Power Saving Tools For Linux

Laptop Mode Tools 1.74 – Power Saving Tools For Linux

Laptop Mode Tools  are power saving tools for Linux. Version 1.74 includes important bug fixes, some default settings updated to current driver support in Linux and support for devices with nouveau based NVIDIA cards.

What is Laptop Mode Tools

Tools for Power Savings based on battery/AC status Laptop mode is a Linux kernel feature that allows your laptop to save considerable power. Allowing the hard drive to spin down for longer periods of time. In addition to, this package contains the userland scripts that are needed to enable laptop mode.

It includes support for automatically enabling laptop mode when the computer is working on batteries. It also supports various other power management features, such as starting and stopping daemons depending on power mode. Also automatically hibernating if battery levels are too low, and adjusting terminal blanking and X11 screen blanking.

laptop-mode-tools uses the Linux kernel’s Laptop Mode feature and thus is also used on Desktops and Servers to conserve power

Laptop Mode Tools

What is news in 1.74

  • With 4.15+ kernels, Linux Intel SATA has a better link power saving policy, med_power_with_dipm, which should be the recommended one to use
  • Disable defaults for syslog logging
  • Initialize LM_VERBOSE with default to disabled
  • Add power saving module for nouveau cards
  • Disable ethernet module by default
  • Add board-specific folder and documentation
  • Add execute bit on module radeon-dpm
  • Drop unlock because there is no lock acquired

In conclusion Laptop Mode Tools can help you squeeze some more time out of your battery. For example, they can control the power-saving modes of the hard disk and screen when on battery, shutdown bluetooth when unpugged from mains and set the display standby time.

Team Linuxiac
Team Linuxiac

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