KPhotoAlbum Image Viewer And Organizer Released 5.7.0

KPhotoAlbum Image Viewer And Organizer Released 5.7.0

KPhotoAlbum is an open-source image viewer and organizer for Linux systems. The new 5.7.0 version it’s mostly a maintenance release with a lot of code cleanup and bug fixes.

If you have hundreds or even thousands of images on your hard drive, it becomes impossible to remember the story behind every single image or the names of the persons photographed. KPhotoAlbum was created to help you describe your images and then search the big pile of pictures quickly and efficiently.

With KPhotoAlbum it is possible to find any image in less than 5 seconds based on a powerful tag system, let that be an image with a special person, an image from a special place, or even both.

KPhotoAlbum Interface

What’s new in KPhotoAlbum 5.7.0

  • Custom color schemes: Above all, the team behind KPhotoAlbum added support for custom color schemes. KPhotoAlbum 5.7.0 now also has a “Dark Mode”
  • Image search: Now offer experimental options for image search tuning.
  • Thumbnails: Added the new CLI utility kpa-thumbnailtool to manage KPA’s thumbnail cache. The cache now also contains the thumbnail size. Please notice that after the thumbnail cache was converted to the new format, older versions of KPhotoAlbum can no longer read it!
  • Privacy lock: The fake password-protection has been removed from privacy lock. Even with the warning message it might give somebody a false sense of security.
  • HTML export: HTML export themes missing a name are no longer displayed.

Of course, there are a lot of bugfixes. The complete list of changes and fixes in KPhotoAlbum 5.7.0 are listed in the ChangeLog.

Team Linuxiac
Team Linuxiac

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