Kdenlive’s Latest Update 23.08.5 Brings Crucial Bug Fixes

Kdenlive 23.08.5 is out now! Bug fixes and Qt6 transition focus, but this release has no Mac package. Await 24.02 for macOS support.

In the latest news from the world of video editing software, Kdenlive version 23.08.5 has been officially released.

As an acronym for KDE Non-Linear Video Editor, Kdenlive is renowned for its versatility and efficiency in handling video editing tasks, catering to a broad spectrum of users from amateurs to professionals.

The 23.08.5 update brings many bug fixes, particularly addressing issues related to nested sequences and transitions on the same track. Here’s all what about.

Kdenlive 23.08.5 Highlights

Kdenlive 23.08.5

One notable change in this release is the temporary removal of Movit effects. The development team has decided to disable these effects until they are stable enough for production use, prioritizing the reliability of the software for its users.

Another significant aspect of this release is the ongoing transition of Kdenlive to Qt6 and KF6, which are newer versions of the libraries Kdenlive relies on for its graphical user interface and functionality.

This transition is critical for ensuring that Kdenlive remains compatible with the latest technology standards and can continue to evolve. However, this transition comes with its challenges.

One immediate impact of the transition to Qt6 and KF6 is on Mac users. The development team has expressed regret that a package for macOS will not be available for this release.

Mac users are encouraged to wait for the upcoming 24.02 release, which is expected by the end of the month and promises to bring back compatibility and introduce new features.

The full changelog for Kdenlive 23.08.5 is extensive, addressing many issues. The update covers a broad spectrum of fixes, from fixing undocked widgets that lacked a title bar for moving or re-docking to improving the export of multi guides by replacing problematic characters in section names.

It also tackles more specific problems, such as sequence corruption upon project loading, multiple archiving issues, and unexpected clip and subtitle handling behaviors.

Moreover, the update takes steps to prevent, detect, and fix corrupted project files, enhancing the software’s reliability. Removing Movit effects until they reach a stable state reflects a proactive approach to ensuring that all features within Kdenlive offer a seamless experience to users.

You can refer to the release announcement for detailed information about all changes in Kdenlive 23.08.5.

Install Kdenlive 23.08.5

The easiest way of installing Kdenlive on Linux is by using AppImage. Go to Kdenlive’s website and click the “Download” section to use this approach. Next, choose the “AppImage” button to start downloading the file.

Then, go to the directory where you downloaded it and give it an executable status. Finally, double-click on the AppImage file, and Kdenlive will start.

Flatpak is another universal method for installing Kdenlive on any Linux distro. Things are a lot simpler here. Just run the following command to install the app:

flatpak install flathub org.kde.kdenliveCode language: CSS (css)

However, if you’re unfamiliar with Flatpak, our excellent guide on the subject, “How to Use Flatpak on Linux: A Comprehensive Guide,” will be helpful.

Bobby Borisov

Bobby Borisov

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