Home Assistant 0.112 release

Home Assistant making things faster in 0.112 release

Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform running on Python 3 with a focus on local-control and privacy. Track and control all devices at home and automate control. Perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi or a local server.

Home Assistant acts as a smart home controller hub which features all common functions that you would expect from a home automation platform.

So, what’s new in 0.112

The project has released version 0.112, which is the eighth release of the project this year. Previous releases have largely focused on new integrations and enhancements to the front-end interface. In this release the focus has shifted more toward improving the performance of the database. As a result the database performance is significantly improved.

As one of the project developers says:

“At this point, I almost feel like ‘Making things easier’ as the motto for our current development is replaced by: Making things faster! The last couple of releases, tons of performance improvements where made, most notably the frontend starting sooner in the previous 0.111 release. This release is no exception, bringing absolutely game-changing performance improvements to the logbook and history panels.”

To see what Home Assistant can do, take a look at the image bellow or visit the project’s demo page.

Home Assistant 0.112 release
Team Linuxiac
Team Linuxiac

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