Emacs 27.1 Released

GNU Emacs Text Editor 27.1 Released With Native JSON Parsing Support

GNU Emacs 27.1 is the latest feature release for this very extensible text editor. This release introduces native JSON parsing and tab bar support.

GNU Emacs is a free and open source text editor. It was created by GNU Project founder Richard Stallman. Users love Emacs because it features efficient commands for common but complex actions and for the plugins and configuration hacks that have developed around it.

Emacs 27.1 allows basic image transformations without ImageMagick, and uses HarfBuzz, a tool also employed in GNOME, KDE, and Android, to make text look nice. Now it support version 13.0 of the unicode standard.

Emacs 27.1 also adds native support for JSON parsing, better support for Cairo drawing, and support for XDG conventions for init files.

GNU Emacs UI

The editor also comes with new commands to enable the tab bar at the top of each frame and tab lines above windows. Therefore now developers can switch between persistent window configurations and buffers in the window respectively.

In addition, Emacs is among the oldest open source projects still under development! The development of GNU/Emacs started in 1985 (35 years ago).

Team Linuxiac
Team Linuxiac

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