7-Zip For Linux Is Here After 20 Years As A Windows Exclusive

7-Zip For Linux Is Here After 20 Years As A Windows Exclusive

Igor Pavlov, the developer of widely popular among Windows users 7-Zip archiving tool, has released the first official builds of 7-Zip for Linux.

The 7-Zip archiving tool is the open-source software created by Igor Pavlov back in 1999. 7-Zip is an archiving tool widely popular among Windows users. It is able to open zip, gzip, bzip, tar, and rar files, along with a many others. You can use 7-Zip to create a cabinet of similar files that will help you organize everything. The best thing about file compression is that you lessen the size of the file or files that you archived. This means you will have even more free space for other new and bigger files.

7-Zip 21.01 alpha for Linux was released this week as a command line version only. It is the first version of the file archiving software that’s available for both Windows and Linux. A readme file is included that explains core functionality of the command line version.

Linux already had support for the 7-Zip archive file format through a POSIX port called p7zip but it developer has not maintained the project for 4-5 years. The developer of 7-Zip says the official build is similar to p7zip, but it’s not identical.

For detailed information on the changes you can take a look at the the full changelog.

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