Linux News

openSSH 8.9

openSSH 8.9 Released, Removes Support for MD5-Hashed Passwords

February 28, 2022
OpenSSH 8.9 is a feature-focused version that has been released with some new features, bug fixes, and security enhancements.
TrueNAS Scale 22.02

TrueNAS SCALE 22.02 Is a Game Changer in the Linux NAS Field

February 23, 2022
After 18 months of development, TrueNAS SCALE is now released as the newest addition to the TruNAS family of storage software.
Slax Linux 11.2

Slax 11.2 Released After 2 Years of Development

February 22, 2022
For fans of the lightweight Slax Linux distribution, version 11.2 is now available and is re-based against upstream Debian 11.2 Bullseye.
lfs Command Lists the Linux File System in a Convenient Way

lfs: List the Linux File System in a Convenient Way

February 21, 2022
lfs is a small tool similar to the df command for producing a list of file systems on Linux in a clear and beautiful tabular form.