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Razer Lambda Linux Laptop

Razer Lambda Is a Powerful Linux Laptop for AI Developers

April 15, 2022
Razer’s latest laptop isn’t designed for gamers. Instead, it’s a “Tensorbook” for engineers working on machine learning applications.
SUSE SLE Opens Its Development Model to the Public

SUSE Linux Enterprise Opens Its Development Model to the Public

April 14, 2022
SUSE is beginning the development of an “Adaptable Linux Platform” (ALP) that is expected to be the successor to SUSE Linux Enterprise 15.
Material Shell GNOME Extension

Material Shell Extension Gets GNOME 42 Support

April 10, 2022
Material Shell has been updated recently with GNOME Shell 42 support, fixing some existing bugs.
EndeavourOS Apollo

EndeavourOS Apollo Comes with a Brand-New Window Manager

April 8, 2022
EndeavourOS Apollo brings massive improvements to the Calamares installer and introduces a new X11-based window manager.