Microsoft's Edge Browser is Crashing if Google is Your Search Engine

Microsoft’s Edge Browser is Crashing if Google is Default Search Engine

If you are using Microsoft’s new Edge browser and it keeps crashing, you are not alone. Twitter and many other social platforms started reporting the issue. Microsoft is aware.

Microsoft’s new Edge browser started randomly crashing when users typed into the address bar. The issues appear to have affected Edge users who had selected Google as the default search engine. Microsoft investigated the problem and now says it’s believed to have been resolved.

“Are you seeing Edge crash when trying to type into the address bar? The team is looking into it! In the meantime, as a workaround, please turn off Search Suggestions here: edge://settings/search. We’ll follow up once we have more!”

As you can see, Microsoft recommended turning off Search Suggestions in edge://settings/search as a temporary workaround. This workaround solved the problem with the browser crash if you had Google set as your default search engine.

Of course, this is a serious issue for Microsoft who has begun telling corporate customers to start using the browser. For technical users, this workaround is easy to enable, but for less technical users, they may assume that it is their install crashing and switch back to Chrome for stability.

Microsoft is aware of the issue with the browser crash and is working on a fix. Hopefully, they can deploy an update on the backend to resolve the issue and not require everyone to update their browser.

Team Linuxiac
Team Linuxiac

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