Krita 4.4.7 Comes Strictly to Fix 7 Bugs, Krita 5 is Coming Soon

Krita 4.7.7

With the release of Krita 4.4.7, all eyes are now focused on the forthcoming Krita 5 release, which is expected to be released in the next few months.

Krita is a free and open source painting software that can be used by both professional and amateur artists. It offers an alternative to the most expensive software of its kind. With its line up of tools and powerful capabilities, it has become a favorite program for illustrators, texture renderers, concept designers, and 2D artists.

The program contains simulations for all kinds of techniques, including watercolor, oil paint, charcoal and pastel chalk. By default Krita offers many types of brushes that artists can use depending on what they are most comfortable with. These brushes are designed to perform unique functions to meet specific needs.

Krita 4.4.5 was released earlier in June this year. If you are wondering where version 4.4.6 is, the answer is that there is no Krita 4.4.6. That version number was created only for the release on the Epic store.

What’s New in Krita 4.4.7

Krita 4.4.7

If you are expecting something with a lot of changes, your expectations will be in vain. Krita 4.4.7 is strictly a bug fix release. The most important reason for this release is a fix for a performance regression in Krita 4.4.5.

There are a few other fixes:

  • Fix a crash on exit with certain versions of Qt and PyQt.
  • Fix moving selection with the magnetic selection tool.
  • Fix crashes in the magnetic selection tool when deleting nodes.
  • Fix an assert when converting the image color space from Python.
  • Fix a crash when closing a gamut mask document.
  • Fix drag and drop of clone layers between images.
  • Fix crash when saving the image with trimming enabled.

We’re focusing on getting the the first beta of Krita 5 out next week, so this is only a very small bugfix release. We’re working on the various store submissions.

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For more information about Krita you can visit the project’s website or you can refer to the official documentation.

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