Immich 1.95.0 Introduces Enhanced Search Capabilities

Immich 1.95.0, a Google Photos alternative, brings over 150+ PRs featuring search enhancements, security updates, and more.

Immich is a widely adopted, self-hosted photo management application that offers a user-friendly alternative to popular cloud-based services like Google Photos. It utilizes Tensorflow, a powerful machine learning framework, to automatically tag and categorize photos.

By being self-hosted, Immich offers users the added benefit of privacy and data ownership, setting it apart as a top-notch solution for managing and storing photos securely.

The just released 1.95.0 version is a massive update resulting from over 150 pull requests that bring enhancements, new features, and critical improvements. So, let’s delve into them.

Immich UI
Image credits: Immich

Key Updates in Immich 1.95.0

One of the headline features of the 1.95.0 update is the introduction of advanced search capabilities. This includes a filter to refine searches by date, location, and more, allowing users to find exactly what they’re looking for with unprecedented ease and precision.

The update also removes the cap on search results, enabling infinite scrolling and a more comprehensive search experience.

On top of that, a significant technical enhancement comes with the upgrade to pgvector, an open-source vector similarity search for PostgreSQL, version 0.2.0, which improves search functionality, making it faster and more reliable.

The update also addresses security through changes in OAuth encryption algorithms. In light of this, Immich 1.95.0 transitions from HS256 to RS256, enhancing security measures and ensuring compatibility with modern security standards.

The v1.95.0 release places a strong emphasis on user experience. Features such as infinite scrolling, a justified layout in search results, and the ability to view partner’s photos and videos on maps enhance the usability and functionality of the platform.

Mobile users also benefit from new features like autoplay for videos in the Memory view and a gradient placeholder for a visually pleasing browsing experience.

Apart from those mentioned above, Immich 1.95.0 also introduces an option for iOS users to restrict backups to Wi-Fi connections. This feature allows users to manage their data usage more effectively, ensuring backups are performed without consuming valuable mobile data.

Lastly, the update brings a new CLI version (2.0.8) that supports running inside Docker without needing Node.js installed, simplifying the setup process for users. It also introduces checks and validations for external library import paths, helping users troubleshoot and resolve issues more efficiently.

Important! The transition from Immich version 1.94.0 to 1.95.0 introduces notable updates, particularly with the introduction of a new pgvector version and modifying the OAuth setup. If you’re upgrading from an earlier version, following the guidance provided in the release announcement is crucial to ensure a smooth switch.

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Bobby Borisov

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