Deepin 20.2.1 Integrates Debian 10.9 by Default, Brings Minor Updates

Deepin 20.2.1 Integrates Debian 10.9 by Default, Brings Minor Updates

Based on Deepin 20.2, Deepin 20.2.1 upgrades the underlying repository to Debian 10.9 and mainly fix security issues and some serious problems.

Deepin (developed in China by Wuhan Deepin Technology) is a rising star among Linux distributions, thanks to its combination of an elegant desktop environment with the stability and reliability of Debian. It is popular among users who want a gorgeous Linux desktop while being stable.

Deepin ships with a unified design style and a redesigned desktop environment. As a result its brand look more consistent across its updated preinstalled applications.

What’s news in Deepin 20.2.1

Deepin 20.2.1 Desktop

The release of Deepin 20.2.1 means it has upgraded its underlying repository to the latest Debian 10.9. In this version, patches for 54 CVE vulnerabilities are integrated by default to enhance system security.

This release supports the 11th generation CPU and optimizes system installation and user experiences. In addition to, Deepin 20.2.1 fixes issues in some scenarios, and offers minor updates of dual cores, which improves system stability and compatibility.

It is important to highlight that Deepin 20.2.1 brings Btrfs file system support into the system installer. Furthermore, now the control center automatically recognize touchscreens when connected.

Other improvements

  • Stick Deepin browser to the Dock by default.
  • The Control Center now supports 800×600 and below resolutions.
  • The mesa 20 library is upgraded to improve 2D and 3D graphical display effects.
  • Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) and Deepin applications are even better optimized to ensure efficient user experiences

For detailed information you can refer to the full changelog or project’s home page.

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