Linux News

GeckoLinux ROLLING Release

GeckoLinux ROLLING Released with Updated Desktop Environments

January 7, 2022
The distro is fully functional and offers some of the best Linux desktop environments available.
Linux Mint 20.3 Una

Linux Mint 20.3 Released with Some New Features and Refinements

January 6, 2022
Linux Mint 20.3 beta arrived a few weeks ago. And now, the final stable release for Linux Mint 20.3 “Una” is available to download.
KaOS 2022.01

KaOS Linux Kicks off the Year with a New 2022.01 Release

January 5, 2022
The distro targets KDE users who prefer quality over quantity
Neptune 7.0

Neptune 7.0 Released as a Classic KDE-Based Linux Distro

January 3, 2022
Neptune Linux is a desktop-oriented Linux distro based on Debian’s Stable branch.