Android 11

Android 11 Released With New Features And Privacy Enhancements

Android 11 adds a variety of new features to Google’s mobile operating system. As a whole, the update is focused less on adding new functionality and more on making it easier to manage the things your phone can already do.

Android 11 is officially launching today after months of betas. As expected, the final version of Android 11 is now available to download on the Pixel 2, 3, 3A, 4, and 4A.

Above all, the biggest change is how Android 11 handles conversations by grouping notifications from messaging apps out into its own section in the drop-down notification shade and adding a Facebook Messenger-style bubble interface to make them more accessible.

There’s also new media controls. A new screenshot interface, a system-level smart home control menu that’s accessed by long-pressing the power button. There is a more restrictive permissions settings, and more.

Android 11

Main features Google has added to Android 11

  • Bubbles are small avatars that float on top of whatever app or screen you’re using, allowing you to continuously go back to the conversation(s) you’re in. They’re like Chat Heads from Facebook Messenger, but for any messaging app.
  • Hold the power button on your Android phone to view your Google Pay cards, along with any of your Google Assistant-connected smart home devices.
  • There’s a new media control visual that moves playback controls from the notification tray to the quick settings panel. It looks great and even lets you change which device your audio is playing on.
  • Screen recording is now possible without the need for a third-party app or a workaround.

In addition to those new features, Google also made some privacy changes. For example, you can now grant apps one-time access to your microphone, camera, or location. Each time you open the app, you’ll be asked again if you want to approve the request again. 

Another privacy feature will reset the permissions of apps you haven’t used in a while. This preventing any unnecessary access in the background for apps you installed and only used once.

In addition, you can see the main changes in Android 11 in the video below. Source: The Verge

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